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Our kid-friendly environment helps children enjoy themselves


For us, making a positive difference in children’s lives is both personally and professionally rewarding. We do this by offering comprehensive therapy services in a fun, comfortable and safe environment that can help them develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. 



Good speech and language abilities enable children to receive, understand and respond to information. Our speech-language pathologists offer effective therapeutic techniques to address articulation/stuttering, language disorders/delays, swallowing difficulties, neurologic speech problems and more.



Physical therapy can help children develop the skills they need to achieve their highest level of function. Our physical therapists use gentle, effective treatment methods to help children improve in many areas, including balance and coordination, strength, range of motion, posture, flexibility, endurance, gross-motor control and safety awareness.



Our occupational therapists can help children become independent and successful in all areas of their daily lives. Some of the many areas that can be improved include organizational and planning skills, social skills, play skills and sensory motor skills (body awareness, perception of movement, perception of touch, visual perception and fine-motor coordination).


Collaborating with referring physicians


At The Therapy Place, we believe the best care is collaborative in nature, especially when it comes to treating children with special needs. That’s why we work closely with your child’s referring physician... every step of the way. We will provide a written report of our findings and recommended therapy, plus keep him or her up-to-date on your child’s progress and areas of concern. And should your child’s physician have any questions, our therapists will always make themselves available, either on the phone or at the physician’s office.

By engaging in this process together, we can help ensure the most efficient and effective therapy possible. The Therapy Place is trusted by a number of area specialists for their patients, including pediatricians, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and psychiatrists.


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